Happy Customers

Louise, M

"Jess just opened her huggable hero. Daddy has been on deployment for nearly a month. It's safe to say she loves it!! thank you"

Charlotte, T

"Our daughter absolutely adores her huggable hero. We already have to take him everywhere with us and daddy hasn't gone anywhere yet!!! She loves playing, cuddling & falling asleep with him. Thank you so much!!! Xxxx"

Leanne, W

"Just wanted to share this with you not only has it put a smile on my baby face now his daddy has gone away it makes sleeping for my boy so much easier can't thank you enough. 
It's helped him greatly awake and asleep  x"

Emily, U

"Thankyou so so much! Knowing Annabelle can give Daddy a cuddle and kiss goodnight when hes away means so much! She hasnt put him down yet!! Thankyou again!! Xxx"

Carol, C

"I just wanted to say thank you for making Sophie's Huggable Hero which arrived today and she hasn't put it down since. She absolutely adores it and won't be putting it down anytime soon Xx"

Rachel, P

"I have a very happy young man now he can have daddy with him all the time smile emoticon thank you so much it's amazing. Today daddy and chase are playing in the water and both going down the slide smile emoticon he still gets to play with daddy on days like this it's just magical thank you again !! Daddy has even had sun cream on just so chase would put his on lol also going down the slide together lol xx"

Sarah, B

"My youngest 2 with their daddy x"

Laura, T

I have just received one of these for both my boys (My husband is weekly commuting as of next week) and gave them to my two toddlers tonight and I cannot tell you how amazing their reaction was. I was almost jealous!

Anyone, military or not, if one of you is away a lot, I cannot recommend them enough.

They are stunningly made and superb quality which makes all the difference. Jo and Julia, you are doing an amazing job! xxx

Tina, H

Thank you so much my son is very happy!!xxx

Collette, W

We received our Huggable Hero today & iv got to say you have made my daughters day πŸ˜Š she's been missing her daddy loads & to see her little face light up its made my day too. Thank you so much its truly fantastic what you do xxx

Sally Ann, J

My son loves his pocket sized daddy. Daddy left on Monday for the army and this little guy has certainly made this big change easier on the both of us. Very well made and 100% happy highly recommend these to everyone!!! Thank you lovely ladies for the speedy service and a wonderful gift for my son. 'Little daddy' certainly is a hero and a half smile emoticon xxx

Natalie, H

Thankyou so much for our huggable hero. We are over the moon with him and jenson can't keep his hands off him xx

Jenna, C

This week our huggable hero arrived and has been stored safely for the angels to leave with my little boy, sadly my dad was diagnosed with teminal lung cancer and is battling hard to stay with us. Unfortunately there is no treatment πŸ˜’😒 My dad is my son's biggest hero and is the prominent male figure in his life. A friend gave me the details of this wonderful site and is a fantastic gift to be left behind of him when he passes.
I would just like to say a huge thank you to the work and effort that goes into these and the sentiment they stand for xxx 
Hopefully this will be stored for a while yet but I'm sure this will help my 5yr old son deal with the lost of his papa xx

Vicky, P

I have just received two Huggable Heroes for the kiddies whilst their daddy is away. I knew that their response would be good, but i was not expecting the tears of complete joy that i got from Hayden. Because Nathan had already left before we ordered them i told them it was a package from him, they have both gone off to bed with their arms wrapped around their daddy tonight.. It has brought the biggest smiles and the warmest feeling to all 3 of us! I would definitely recommend to any of you who have husbands deploying to take a look at their page! heart emoticon Thankyou Huggable Heros for the excellent customer service and such a personal keepsake!! Unfortunately i don't have a photo of the kids with them as my phone is broke frown emoticon but i will get one up asap. heart emoticon

Tara, W

You really are an amazing lady for coming up with this idea. It was so magical watching both my girls open the pink wrapping to discover Daddy as a doll. They haven't let them go all afternoon, Thankyou so much for making my children feel closer to their Daddy when he's away heart emoticon x

Jessica, P

A huge thank you to huggable heroes for our parcel today! Think its safe to say I have one happy toddler


This is my eldest when she saw it too they absolutley love it thank you all so much xx

Lilli, B

Daddy last hug before waving him off on his 6 month deployment. He gave Jaspar is hero xx

Sadly Penelope was asleep when we waved off daddy but she had big smiles for the teddy when we got home.


Louise O

Thank you so so much for my sons hero he loves it for the first time since my husband left he was asleep on his bedtime at 7.00pm and he slept through which he hasn't done since daddy left so happy little boy and a very happy mummy ... the quality of the hero is amazing and super fast delivery time so thank you

Kharah-Jade G

Thank you so much for our second daddy addition. Just in time for 5 weeks away πŸ’™

Nadine J

My daughter Poppy taking daddy to school as she is star of the week & daddy's not here to watch her get a certificate in her assembly ❀❀

Suze W

Our son misses his dad so much now he is old enough to realise he doesn't come home every day. 
This time Daddy has only been gone 2 weeks and it's been the hardest yet for Freddie, thank goodness for his huggable hero. 
Your team are heroes xx

Kirsty B

Still getting such great use from her huggable hero x

Michelle T 

Harry loves his Huggable Hero, thank you so much πŸ’™β€οΈπŸ’™

Kelly E

My boys happy with his huggable hero today thankyouπŸ’™

Kim L

Daddies first night away tonight and this little lady took her daddy teddy to bed for cuddles til she fell asleep. These deployments are so hard on our little people and you amazing people are making them that little bit easier with these amazing 'huggable heros' thank u so so much! We love ours xx❀

Kirsty B

Saying goodnight to her daddy x πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

Pip D

First night for a long time without dad, but he is joining us for tea. I can already see how their heroes are helping thank you xxx

Emma H

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to huggable heroes for making this for my 4 year old little girl I bought this a few weeks ago as a special Christmas present for her I left it under Daddy's little memory tree. Her lovely Daddy died before she was born in Afghanistan. And as she gets older she understands that little more that he's not here, So when I got told about this I knew I had to get her one I even bought myself one I think it's a great way for her to include him all the special adventures she goes on in life... And when she opened it she said "Mum I can now take him everywhere with me!" She also doesn't have to kiss his photo every nite & leave it on the window ledge she can take this to bed and squeeze and kiss him for aslong as she wants ... Thanks so much for creating a great comfort for my daughter ... β€οΈπŸ’œπŸ’›