Huggable Hero Payment Plan Option

New Huggable Hero Payment Plan Option
The payment plans are available for 2, 3 and 4 months - Please contact us here and we'll set it up for you

All heroes bought on the payment plan option will be made and shipped upon receipt of the final payment, please bear this in mind when placing your order.

'designed to reinforce the bond between Mummy or Daddy and Child while Mummy or Daddy is working away'
They can continue to give love and support while away from loved ones.
They won’t miss a thing as they will be able to go everywhere with your little one. First day at school, swimming lessons, weddings, family days out.
Huggable Heroes help to reduce separation anxiety and shorten the reuniting shyness and upset for both Mummy, Daddy and child.
Huggable Heroes give the most amazing cuddles, they have helped so many Children with a Mummy or Daddy who works away, lives away or has passed away. Continuously giving your child a reminder of the amount love and support as though they were there. 
Each Huggable Hero is personalised using a photograph you have taken and lovingly Handmade in England just for your little ones. For a guide on how to take your heroes photo click here

When you have placed your order and taken your photo, please email your photo, Order Name AND Order Number to (Please only use this email address once you have placed your order to email the photo you wish to use)

*Please note that the order time for your huggable heroes is currently 2-3 weeks as each one is personalised and handmade.

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